Christians Against Poverty 

Dawley Baptist Church is a partner church for Telford's CAP debt centre.

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Telford CAP Debt Centre 

A CAP Debt Centre is not a place but a process. People in financial difficulty telephone CAP headquarters on a free 0800 number requesting help. Together with the local Debt Centre Manager, Jane Preston, CAP works with the client to enable them to become debt free.

How can you help?
Our CAP Debt Centre needs the support and commitment of the Telford Christian community to provide:
  • Ongoing prayer support
  • Sustained financial support
  • Volunteer helpers

The CAP debt centre is supported by a partnership of churches; St John’s, Muxton, All Saints, Wellington, Telford Central parish and Dawley Baptist Church. Other churches around the town also provide financial and volunteers’ support.

Our Debt Centre also seeks the support of the wider community of Telford, both financially and through providing information to those who might need our services.

If you would like Jane to give a talk at your church or group please email her:

If you know someone in debt who needs our help please give them the free phone number to call:
0800 328 0006 

Link to the Cap Website and facebook;
Tom Bowring, 23/02/2021