The Building Project 


Dawley Baptist Church is currently expanding its vision and its building so more people than ever can find faith, friendship and a sense of belonging.
Find out more about this space where our community can be rebuilt following a year of lockdown.

The building project seeks to provide a space for groups of all sizes to meet in a comfortable environment by offering a range of room sizes to suit all needs. The annexe expands the current kitchen capacity which in-turn allows for an expansion of our popular Friday Cafe. The annexe also adds suitable space for the always popular and increasingly busy children and youth meetings that happen at DBC.

If you would like to find out more about the DBC building project, including when we accidently built Telford's largest fountain and pool complex, you can read the story here!

If you'd like to hire out one of these rooms in advance for your meeting space, or to hire out any of our existing facilities you can do that here!

If you would like to support the building of this amazing community facility then you can give online.



Tom Bowring, 17/02/2021