Living with Faith

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 In our new season we will be exploring Living with Faith

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From now until Easter, we will be continuing our look at our core church value of Live- how we live a life of faith and also a life dedicated to each other and Jesus. 1 Peter is a fabulous and well-placed book for our current season. Peter is grappling with the theme of living as a holy people despite the pressures of life, and pressures of the government to conform to the ideals of the world around them.
Peter explores such themes as suffering, hope, service and family. He writes to the churches in Asia Minor at the beginning of Nero’s reign as Emperor, a time that would soon become the most agonising persecution of Christians ever held and would see many of the early church fathers martyred. Peter himself would die in this persecution and writes this letter from prison in Rome. Therefore, the book is written with undertones of isolation and separation and speaks of changing times in the not-too-distant future with reference to exile and the need for Christians to stand together as a sign of the future hope we have in Christ. 

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Each week we will have a workbook to help us connect with the theme and they can be downloaded below. There are also cool activities for the kids including a weekly colouring competition. Colour in the picture and send a photo of it to the church. There'll be a prize each week for the winner.