Our Youth group has many exciting activities and opportunities for young people to make friends, grow in their faith and serve alongside the adults in the church.

The focus of our youth work is to make life make sense. We encourage our youth to grow into people who love God and love all that God has created. From relevant and engaging teaching to trips out together and community work, everything we do is built around providing a safe and accepting space.

Sundays at DBC

  • The youth (secondary school age) meet in their own space. Here they can relax and be who they naturally are.
  • Our sessions revolve around biblical themes and bring ideas that are both engaging and relevant for the issues and struggles faced by our youth today.
  • Our youth workers are trained and are all DBS and Safeguarding cleared.
  • The youth's Sunday programme is decided by them. They know what they want to talk about, and we're happy to explore their lives with them, offering guidance and that little bit of Jesus' wisdom where we can.
  • We encourage the youth to serve both in the church and in the community. The youth are a regular feature of DBC's main worship services running everything from audio/visuals to prayers and welcomes. They also have a brilliant band that not only plans and plays the music but leads the entire congregation in worship.

Youth Weekend 2021


As the rules changed and lockdown was eased we took the opportunity to take our youth away for a weekend together in the heart of Snowdonia.. Our young people had not been able to physically meet for over a year and so it would be a very special time for them to meet together and to meet some new leaders, and most of all have an experience of meeting with Jesus through the worship, talks and activities we had prepared.  It was a joy to spend quality time with 15 fabulous young people in the beauty of of North Wales. We played games, undertook challenges, sat round a campfire, climbed through the mountains...and some even swam in a lake. Everyone had a wonderful time and we are very grateful to all those who contributed and made this weekend possible.

Other times and places

  • Our youth are part of the Telford Youth Fusion, a group that gets together here at DBC every other Monday from 7pm-9pm. TYF is an evening full of games and activities and the group often go ice skating, bowling, rock climbing and other great stuff, all while they learn about who Jesus is.
  • We travel up to Merseyside and take part in Ignite, a lively evening of worship and praise (the picture at the top of this page is from one of our Ignite visits).
  • Girls' Brigade Brigadiers . Fridays 5.30pm until 8pm. Life skills such as cooking, community activity like remembrance parades, personal growth with Duke of Edinburgh scheme. All of this and so much more.

If you are new to the church and wish to find out more about the youth activities we run, visit our Contact Us page.